All About Ear Candles

What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling FactsEar Candling is the holistic way of treating ear aches and other common issues related to the ear. It is best defined as the use of an ear candle which is a beeswax or paraffin wax coated cloth that is shaped into a conical cylinder about 10” to 15” in length with varying widths. Ear Candling is a therapeutic relaxation technique similar to acupressure, acupuncture, and aromatherapy.

Ear Candling Community

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Ear Candling's History

This energy cleansing technique has been around for many thousands of years and has been found in nearly every culture since the beginning of civilization. Also referred to as ear coning, there has been archeological evidence found that this practice was even performed using glazed clay or stone pottery cones in antiquity. There is no argument to the fact that humans have been coning or candling for eons. The exact origin of candling is unknown, but there is a great deal of evidence indicating its use in many different cultures around the world.

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Ear Candling's Place in Today’s Society

Coning in Mexico

Today, Ear Candling, is thought to be an un-necessary, un-safe, even ridiculous activity and there are many who are against the idea of putting a lit candle in your ear (which is understandable). Practices like ear candling, acupuncture, tattooing, piercing, mud baths, and many other “Alternative” lifestyle practices are bound to be misunderstood at first. However they have been passed down through the generations and made their way into mainstream culture. During this current period of history we find ourselves embracing more and more snippets of ancient wisdom in an attempt to remain connected to the teachings of our past civilizations. We find ourselves looking for meaning and clarity as we always have and are in an open-minded phase of humanity. Unfortunately along with those who believe that old wives tales are actually full of substance, there are also those who do not understand the benefits of cleansing the body, spirit, and mind.

To use an example, some people think that just because you want to redefine the definition of a stone in a way that it might encompass diamonds, that the diamond is no longer of any value. The FDA has ruled that Ear Candles are a medical device according to some regulation that was invented, and at the same time, they say that “The FDA has found no valid scientific evidence to support the safety or effectiveness of these devices for any medical claims or benefits.” The question is, what types of testing have been done, who was in the focus group, and what questions was the FDA trying to answer regarding ear candling. With a majority of ear candling practitioners having a pleasant relaxing experience with these devices it makes you wonder how the FDA can pass regulations regarding what is therapeutic or not.

What are the Facts?

There are a few facts that come along with ear candling. The first of which is whether or not it is dangerous. The answer to that question is an astounding Yes. Anytime you have a burning object near your body there is danger involved. The second is whether or not the ear candles remove wax and other toxins from your body. The answer to that question is an astounding No. The candles are not designed to remove anything from your body except tension, negative energy, stress, and anxiety. Is this something that the FDA performed a scientific study on to gather evidence, probably not, as this is not their job? The Fact is that the FDA does not understand much about holistic practices and therefore is not an authority on the issue.

What is Ear Candling for?

Ear candling is used for many reasons. Some people might have had a negative experience with “Traditional” medicine and sought to investigate other means of relief for their symptoms. Others may have known about ear candling and used them all their lives, while others might have been talked into using ear candles as a dare or suggestion from a friend. Ear candling is a matter of personal choice and the reasons people use them are as varied as people themselves. What we do know is that the majority of people who use them have not only enjoyed the experience but have recommended it to a friend.

It is said that ear candles can be used to alleviate symptoms ranging from simple ear aches, sinus infections, and sinus pressure, aiding sinusitis, releasing blocked energy, relieving pressure points of tension, and overall just being a soothing relaxing therapy. Ear candle practitioners do not claim that they cure these conditions, only that it will help to bring balance and promote healing. There are some myths regarding what happens during the candling experience. One of these is that the smoke enters the ear canal and softens the wax which is then drawn back up through the candle. This is the most common description of how candling works due to the fact that some of the wax from the candle itself may make its way down the inside of the cylinder and when cut open afterward is likely to resemble a waxy yellow substance that resembles ear wax.